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To St. Tropez by Private Jet

The picturesque city of St. Tropez located marvelously at the shore of the Mediterranean is a true summer vacation hot-spot year after year. Are you in the mood to travel to this worldwide renown pearl of the Côte d’Azur? Then you best use a private jet flying La Môle, a small airport located approximately 15 kilometers from St. Tropez. The Pilatus PC-24 HB-VLX operated by Premium Jet is now approved for take-offs and landings in La Môle.

The airport of St. Tropez opened back in 1964 and is located in the French community La Môle. Due to its single runway being only slightly longer than one kilometer and its dependence on the rapidly changing local and seasonal weather conditions only a limited number of aircraft types is approved to land in La Môle – and we are very happy that with the Pilatus PC-24 HB-VLX Premium Jet operates an aircraft that combines the versatility of a turboprop with the performance of a jet thus fulfilling the requirements of this airport.

Since it became operational the airport has been focusing its efforts on the needs of the private aircraft traveler. Thanks to an exclusive General Aviation Terminal there are no waiting times and no burdensome security controls allowing the passengers to board or disembark discreetly, swiftly and comfortably. Thanks to the excellent road connection the commute to / from St. Tropez takes less than 20 minutes.

During peak season the small airport is very busy – we thus recommend getting in touch with us as early as possible in case you’d like to fly there. You can reach us 24/7 by phone +41 44 307 50 80 or e-mail

We look very much forward to flying you to the Côte d’Azur where you can either mingle with the Jetset or relax at a cozy beach – or both, as you like …

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