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Travel in comfort: Your trip on a private jet

Endless queues at the check-in counter, never-ending waiting times in terminals and amidst it all, grumpy people with mountains of luggage. This is the reality at many airports in Europe and not only during the vacation season.

If you then have to forego your flight because it is overbooked, and you get transferred onto another flight, you are no longer in the mood for holidays.

It is a completely different situation when traveling by private jet.

Check-in and waiting at the terminal

You only need to arrive at the airport shortly before your desired take off time, instead of at least 2 hours departure. Within minutes, your documents are processed, your luggage is checked and you are allowed to board.

No waiting times – neither at check-in counters nor at a terminal.

The same holds true upon arrival at your destination. Instead of waiting at the baggage carousel for your luggage (and, in the worst case, realizing your suitcase was sent to a different destination), you are handed your luggage directly after landing, customs officers check it quickly and your vacation can begin.

Charter companies also organize your onward transportation. Simply inform the operator when booking whether you would like to continue your journey by taxi, limousine or helicopter. They will take care of the rest.

Excellent on board service

Flights quickly become challenging when traveling with children or pets. Good thing that there are flight attendants on board who take care of you, the members of your family and your pets to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Incidentally pets are usually allowed to travel in the cabin.

As part of the service you specify what you would like to eat and drink. The catering department will definitely take into consideration your preferences and/or medical, religious or other restrictions.

Arrive well-rested

Seats in an airplane quickly become uncomfortable on longer flights. Even when the seats are reclined, you don’t get as good a rest as if you were in your own bed.

If you opt for a larger private jet, you have the option of stretching out on a real bed. Some private jets even have separate private areas so that those who would like to withdraw and get some peace are not disturbed by the livelier passengers on board.

The great advantage for all travelers is that they don’t feel as if their needs are being restricted. This way, everyone arrives at the destination well-rested and in good spirits. The same applies to the return flight. Everyone is relaxed and the holiday spirit continues to thrive during the return trip and beyond.

In conclusion

Indulge in a private jet for your next vacation. You will be more refreshed and your whole trip will be more relaxed. The benefits of business travel can be equally enjoyed on private trips.

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