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Traveling through Switzerland by private jet

There are various occasions to travel by private jet. Perhaps one undertakes a business trip or goes on vacation or on a short trip over the weekend. If you travel through Switzerland by private jet, you will reach your destination extremely quickly. And there are other advantages of this means of transport.

Premium Jet AG operates a fleet of aircraft that can be chartered. Therefore, we know exactly what the advantages of traveling by private jet in Switzerland are. In the following, we reveal to you what all speaks in favor of this form of travel.

Why is it fast to reach your destination by private jet in Switzerland?

Basically, an airplane is the fastest means of transportation. Neither by car, nor by train you can reach your destination so quickly. However, it still makes a difference whether you take a scheduled flight or travel by private jet.

If you travel with an airline, then you have to stick to its flight schedule. So, if you have a spontaneous idea to make a trip, this is only possible to a very limited extent with a scheduled flight. With a private jet, however, short-term trips are no problem. Either you own your own plane, or you simply charter one.

In addition, flying in a private jet saves you the time-consuming check-in and loading of luggage. Also, you do not have to wait at the baggage carousel at the destination airport. Especially if you are traveling by private jet in Switzerland, such waiting times are particularly annoying. After all, the flight time itself is not too long.

At which airports can private jets take off and land in Switzerland?


Since airliners are quite large, they can only fly to larger airports. Switzerland has only the following three national airports:

  1. Zurich Airport

  2. Geneva Airport

  3. Basel Mulhouse Airport

In addition, there are eleven regional airports, such as Bern-Belp Airport or St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport. However, most of these smaller airports do not play a role in scheduled air traffic. Therefore, if you want to travel to a city without a national airport by scheduled flight, you are forced to land at one of the large airports. Afterwards, you have to take a car or train ride.

A private jet, on the other hand, can land at smaller airports. These include not only the regional airports, but also the numerous smaller airports in this country. They are designed for the smaller and lighter private jets. All that is required is a landing permit, which must be obtained from the airport operator.

We at Premium Jet AG are happy to take care of such formalities. This way we make traveling even easier for you. Thanks to the relatively small size of private jets, you can be much more flexible with destinations than with scheduled flights.

Why is the journey in a private jet through Switzerland comfortable?


A trip by private jet through Switzerland is not only very fast but also extremely comfortable. Because unlike a scheduled flight, you do not have to share the plane with many other passengers. You are either the only passenger or you are accompanied by people you have personally chosen.

Moreover, the crew on board is exclusively dedicated to you and your few fellow passengers. So, if you have a request, you don’t have to wait until a flight attendant has time for you. In addition, the catering on board is aligned with your ideas, since you have previously selected what you want to enjoy.

Premium Jet AG: Charter or buy private jets

Die Premium Jet AG

We at Premium Jet AG like to call ourselves a business aviation boutique. With us, you can charter private jets whenever you wish. We operate our own fleet of Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft. Depending on the aircraft, there is room for nine to 16 passengers.

Flight assistance and hot meals are part of the offer for all aircraft in our fleet. Just make your request and we will check the feasibility.

If you need an aircraft for more passengers or with a longer range, or a smaller one just for you, you are also at the right place. We are happy to arrange charter flights according to individual specifications. Thanks to our contacts in the industry and our experience, we are sure to find the best solution at the best price.

Furthermore, we are also happy to help you if you want to buy a private jet. We will search the market for the one aircraft that exactly meets your expectations. We also stand by your side during price negotiations and technical acceptance. And if you wish, we will take care of the registration and other bureaucratic steps.

You want to fly through Switzerland with a private jet soon? Or are you interested in the other services of our company? Then please feel free to contact us. This is possible by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can visit us in our offices at Zurich Airport. We will be very happy to take the time for a personal conversation.


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