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Traveling with your pet in a private jet: Things to keep in mind

For pet owners, pets are part of the family. The fact that, when on an airliner, they have to travel in tight carriers in the cargo hold might be stressful both for the animal and its owner. In a private jet dogs, cats and many other pets are mostly (but not always) allowed to travel in the cabin.

A few things need to be conducted in advance if you intend to fly abroad with a pet.

Preparations before traveling

Before traveling, you should make sure that all travel documents are up-to-date and that your dog has been microchipped. You also need to present proof that all required vaccinations and health check-ups have been carried out by a vet and that dogs have been dewormed.

You should carry documents that are multilingual or at least in English if you are traveling abroad. This makes it easier for customs officers to check.

Traveling within Europe

Within Europe and Switzerland, dogs, cats and other pets can enter and leave a country without being quarantined thanks to PETS (Pet Travel Scheme), provided that the animals meet the respective PET regulations.

Entering Great Britain is also possible without problems. The stricter requirements that were valid a few years ago have been replaced by the PETS regulations. This greatly simplifies traveling to and from Great Britain with pets.

Traveling to the USA

The requirements are not much different if you would like to travel to the USA with your pet. Upon arrival at the airport, your dog’s health will be checked. If your pet is healthy and all requirements have been met, it may enter the country.

A vaccination certificate in English or translated into English is necessary for your dog. For cats, you will need to present a certificate that states that the cat does not have any diseases that can be passed on to humans.

Once you have all travel documents, it is advisable to speak to the operator of the private jet or the charter company. They will help you with any further formalities.

During the flight

When you travel on a private jet, you decide whether your pet is allowed to move around freely or not. Find out what the respective regulations are if you are flying with a charter flight. Some operators require that cats and birds travel in a cage, even in a private jet. With others, however, cats are allowed to move about freely.

Dogs, on the other hand, are (almost) always allowed to move freely, giving them the freedom to make themselves comfortable on your lap, on a seat or at your feet.

The important thing is that pets are with their family at all times. The presence of the pet’s owner is calming and helps pets to cope with stressful situations. For some animals, it is best if they are given a sedative beforehand. Similar to people, animals are also subject to a fear of flying.

You know your pet, which is why you are the one to assess how it will behave onboard a private jet. This way, you can let the flight attendants know in advance of any particularities and they can then look after both you and your pet.

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