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Tromsø – the city in the middle of the Arctic

“Paris of the North” or “Gateway to the Arctic Ocean” are just two of the many lovingly used names and expressions for this fascinating city in the north of Norway, which lies 344 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and thus roughly on the geographical latitude of North Alaska. Tromsø, surrounded by fjords, is a famous place for observing the northern lights that occasionally flare up in the night sky and is considered an important cultural centre north of the Arctic Circle.

A worthwhile destination away from mass tourism – that was probably what one of our loyal customers also thought when, in January 2020, five days after his request, he wanted to fly to this charming destination with our Challenger 300 HB-JGQ.

5 days lead time – that’s enough time in private aviation and therefore actually a “no-brainer”, but as so often the devil is in the details. Tromsø Airport (ENTC / TOS) is located on an island surrounded by pointed mountain peaks and the climate is harsh and unpredictable – especially in winter. Therefore the airport is also considered a so-called “Category C” airport during the cold season, i.e. it demands approach procedures with the highest standards and meticulous approach schemes. Pilots flying to Tromsø for the first time are required to complete a simulator training course beforehand.

A brief check with our training provider revealed that despite the short notice, both a simulator slot and an instructor were available, so we offered the customer our Challenger 300 HB-JGQ. He booked the flight and as a result our lead pilot completed the Tromsø Airport Familiarisation Simulator Training 2 days before the flight. As a side note, we would like to mention the pilot’s comment after the training: “As a Swiss, I did not find the terrain particularly difficult, as we fly here also to Samedan, Lugano or Sion, where the situation is much more delicate”.

In the end, we flew our customer to his destination on time and safely … this is what happens when you – like Premium Jet – always strive for highest customer satisfaction and when you are prepared to go the extra-mile for your customers.

The nice side effect of the story is that the Tromsø training is valid for 12 months … so now we can also bring you to Tromsø at any time. Just ask us for a quote.

If you’re lucky, you might even see the magical northern lights, like our dispatcher Luis Olalde Malagon did during his recent visit to Tromsø (see cover picture) … and uh, no, he wasn’t the one who flew there with the Challenger 300 ????

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