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Visit the FIFA World Cup 2018

On 14th June 2018 the whistle will blow for the first game of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the Russia will become the center of the world of football fans for a month’ time. However most football aficionados won’t be able to see the matches of their favorite team live in the stadium but most of them – like the author of this article – will be at home joining one of the many public viewings

For the happy few traveling to Russia to attend this event, here are some information you might fing helpful and interesting.

Visa, «Fan ID» and tickets

Immigration to Russia requires that you obtain a visa before your travels. For the time of the WC however these regulations have been somewhat adjusted, now it’s sufficient if you’re the holder of a «Fan ID» – a personalised visitor card established by the Russian authorities specifically for the WC. The application for a «Fan ID» can be done through the website.

To be eligible for a «Fan ID», you need a valid entry ticket for a WC game. If this is not yet the case, you can buy tickets here:

Traveling from and to Russia

Once you hold both, the «Fan ID» and the valid entry ticket, in your hands you’re good to go. When planning your journey you’ll quickly notice that Russia is big … very big. The distance between Kaliningrad (the most westerly host city) and Ekaterinburg (the most easterly one) is close to 3’000 kilometers, the one between St. Petersburg (in the North) and Sochi (you guessed it: the host city the farthest in the South) around 2’500 kilometers. The 11 host cities – in anyone of them your team might have a match to play – are spread out over an area roughly the size of Europe.

From wherever on this planet you travel to Russia, it’s quite easy to get to the metropoles like Moscow and St. Petersburg. To get to another host city as well as to travel between the host cities you have the choice between national flights within Russia, the train, the bus and for the daring ones why not go for a rental car.

Too adventurous for you? Premium Jet flies you to the game of your choice – safe, comfortably and on time. We are taking care of ground transport arrangements from the airport to the stadium and make sure that there is Champagne after the match so you can celebrate your favorite team’s victory (or a Vodka in case you have to cope with another result). And if there’s extra time or even a penalty shoot-out you can be assured that your aircraft is still there waiting for you.  .

Let the games begin

Together with all football enthusiasts we’re looking forward to an outstanding FIFA WC 2018 in Russia, regardless if you’re following it at home or live (as detailed above with a choice of adventurous vs relaxed travel). Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Last but not least: As an employee of Premium Jet, a Swiss company, please allow me to end this article with a sportsmanlike «HOPP SCHWIIZ» …

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