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What does Aircraft Management include?

Aircraft Management stands for all the services you need for your private jet. We at Premium Jet AG offer individual solutions for this, thus ensuring that you always have access to your aircraft when you need it. There are various arrangements in this regard, which we will discuss with you in detail.

What is Aircraft Management?

Aircraft Management covers all elements involved in the operation of an aircraft. It applies equally to private jets and commercial aircraft. Aircraft management includes not only maintenance and overhaul, but full-service support in all areas. For this purpose, we at Premium Jet AG provide our well-trained personnel.

Flight attendants and pilots are just as much part of the service as our operations team, who takes care of flight- and ground-ops in the background. Besides other things, you will need an accounting for your aircraft – and last but not least, if you make it available for charter flights, additional income and expenses will come your way. Our Aircraft Management will take care of all of this for you.


A comprehensive and careful Aircraft Management ensures that you can enjoy your flights. This applies to every concept. For a fully commercially operated aircraft, we must by law perform all services. If, on the other hand, you decide on a private operation, it is up to you which of our services you use. A detailed consultation will support you in your decision.

Enjoy these advantages of our Aircraft Management:

  1. Secure and trouble-free: We take care of all administrative and operational tasks for you.

  2. A competent point of contact is always at your disposal for all your questions and concerns.kümmert sich um Ihre Fragen und Anliegen.

  3. Through the purchasing power of our fleet, we reduce the cost of third-party services.

  4. We ensure that inspections and maintenance work are carried out properly, thus helping to maintain the value of your aircraft.

What are the possible purposes of Premium Jet AG’s Aircraft Management?

Premium Jet AG

You can customize your Aircraft Management depending on whether the aircraft shall operate privately or commercially. Private operation allows you more flexibility, while commercial operation gives you the option of additionally offering your aircraft for charter.

In this case, third-party customers can rent your private jet. Of course, such charter flights will only take place after consultation with you – so even when operating it commercially, you have control over your aircraft at all times.

In the case of commercial registration, we are legally obligated to perform all services, which includes mission planning, crew control, maintenance and fuel management.

However, in the case of privately operated aircraft, you decide for yourself which of our services you would like to use. We are happy to take over the complete management. Alternatively, we can coordinate the services with you and meet your individual requirements.

The following services are part of Premium Jet AG’s Aircraft Management:

  1. Operational planning

  2. Maintenance overview (CAMO)

  3. Crew-Control

  4. Insurance

  5. Fuel-Management

  6. Administration

  7. Accounting

  8. Charter-sales

Regardless of what you choose, we always provide you with a highly trained team. You can use your aircraft whenever you need it. In addition, professional maintenance ensures that your aircraft retains its value.

Register your aircraft for aircraft management

Registrieren Sie Ihr Flugzeug im Rahmen des Aircraft Managements

We offer you the possibility to register your commercially operated aircraft in Switzerland or in Austria. Premium Jet AG has both, a Swiss and a European Air Operator Certificate.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use your jet exclusively for private purposes, you can register it anywhere. Then you are not bound to the regulations of the EU or Switzerland. Our aircraft management service includes expert advice in this regard. We will explain the advantages of the individual options to you. For example, you can register your private jet in Bermuda or on the Isle of Man.

Thanks to the advice of our experts, you will be able to save money. They will offer you solutions to reduce taxes and fees as much as possible. Depending on the use of your aircraft, certain costs may even be avoided. The time and effort involved in such an in-depth consultation will bring you financial benefits in the longer term.

Choose from different models for Aircraft Management

In order to fully meet your personal rhythm and expectations, we offer different management models. By doing so, we ensure that you receive the service that is right for you. After all, the purchase of an aircraft brings with it many advantages – including the flexibility we want to give you in all areas.

For classic aircraft management, we charge you a monthly fee. This fee includes the services you need, depending on how you use your aircraft.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Premium Jet AG’s exclusive Management by the Hour service. With this option, we only charge you for the hours you actually fly. If you do not use your aircraft, you do not have to pay for it.

Of course, you also have the option of discussing your own solution with us. If you have a particular model in mind, you can always talk to us about it. We strive to develop individual and customized concepts for our customers and thus guarantee their satisfaction.

Trained personnel for first-class Aircraft Management

Ausgebildetes Personal für erstklassiges Aircraft Management

From the planning of your flights to any associated limousine service or administrative tasks, we look after you in all areas. For this purpose, a highly trained team is at your side. With a direct and persistent Key Account contact person, we also guarantee that you can reach us at any time. Taking care of a business jet is an organizational challenge, which we manage for you.

Enjoy the advantages we are offering you. Pilots, on-board staff and technicians will ensure an excellent flying experience. Put all the tasks in our hands, while you yourself just get on and fly.

We are a small team that uses the joined skilss of individuals, so we can offer you the best possible service by combining professionalism with personal support.

With the Premium Jet Owner Portal, we also guarantee full transparency. You will always know where your aircraft is and you will find a detailed cost breakdown in this application at any time.

Never lose sight of your private aircraft. This also applies if you make it available for charter flights. Transparent solutions are one of the most important services we offer our customers. This is how we create trust!

Do you have any questions or would you like to make use of our service? Then contact us today!


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