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Which airport should you head for with a private jet?

Private jets are smaller and more agile than airliners. For this reason they are able to approach smaller, regional airports. But is it worth it? Or do the larger, international airports have obvious advantages?

The advantages of larger airports

Larger airports are usually situated close to a major city. This means that there are significantly better connections for onward travel. Service stations are normally close by for the continuation of your journey by train, and the freeway is more easily reached than from smaller airports.

What’s more you can use your close proximity to the city for a short visit. In Zurich, for example, there are many shopping opportunities.

Larger airports usually have a separate terminal for business aviation, so that contact to other travelers can almost wholly be avoided and privacy is considerably increased.

The advantages of smaller airports

Smaller airports also have their advantages. If your final destination is not near a major city, you are able to divert to a regional airport that is situated much closer, thereby saving time traveling from the airport to your destination.

Through their location away from larger cities, smaller airports guarantee greater discretion during arrival and departure. Usually there isn’t a separate terminal for business aviation travelers; in most cases, however, this isn’t an issue since the number of travelers is generally much lower.

The fees at smaller airports are much cheaper than at the larger ones. This becomes particularly apparent at airports around London. If you approach the London City airport, you will pay around 2000 CHF or even more than you would for instance at Biggin Hill – of course depending as well on aircraft size.

Your needs are important

In order to answer the question of whether you should decide for a larger or smaller airport, it is necessary to have a look at your needs. Consider the following questions:

  1. Where is the actual destination that you want to travel to located?

  2. How do you want to travel onward from the airport?

  3. How important is discretion for you?

  4. At what time would you want to depart/ arrive?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will have a good foundation to base your decision on.

Discuss these questions directly with the operator of the private jet or charter flight. Using his experience, he will find the ideal airport for you. In addition to its size, every airport has its peculiarities – special hours of operation, location or runway length.

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