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Why Premium Jet?

Premium Jet is an independent company, managed and operated by highly experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the needs of Business Aviation users around the world. And even if at first sight it may look as if everyone “out there” is dealing with business jets more or less in the same way, we see some distinctive differences that set us apart from our competitors …One-Stop-BoutiqueYou’re thinking about using a private jet? You should think about Premium Jet! With our holistic business services we cover all your Business Aviation needs, from one source …Tailor made… and no matter what these needs are (Management, Charter, Sales/Acquisition …), Premium Jet has an idea and always offers you a custom-tailored, cost-efficient and individual solution.We know youWe are small, but fine. We are small enough to be personal, but big enough to be professional! We know our customers and you know us, because at Premium Jet you will always be looked after by the same contact person …From Owner to Owner… starting with the three Managing Partners, who all are company shareholders and personally engaged in services as well as in client relations and hence available for you at any time …Real 24/7… up to our long-standing, highly experienced employees, who work for you around the clock. No call centre, no answering machine, no artificial intelligence, but 100% Premium Jet. This ensures you the fastest possible response time and guarantees a consistently high standard of service and the highest possible level of discretion and confidentiality …Excellent Quality… and of course – because “Premium” is not only our company name but also the basis of our business philosophy – the highest possible quality (which made us one of the few operators in Europe to receive, among other things, the independent and internationally recognised ARGUS Platinum rating and the licence to provide air traffic services for the United Nations).Truly SwissJust like our home country, Switzerland, we do not strive for sheer size, but primarily for safety and quality. Truly Swiss stands for what we consider to be equally typical for our country and for Premium Jet: punctuality, precision, discretion, innovation, service orientation, reliability and last but not least friendliness.Open Book PolicyWhile we will keep utmost privacy towards the outside, there is absolutely nothing we have to hide from you (i.e. we operate your jet without any hidden costs or surcharges and provide you with a monthly cost overview including all original third party invoices, which have been carefully checked and corrected if necessary) …Independence

… just as we have no conflict of interest whatsoever. We are a Zurich-based, owner-managed and independent business jet operator with over 10 years of history and are always looking for the best solution for our clients.LimitlessOur clients! Our greatest asset! This brings us back to the first mentioned thing … we see ourselves as your one-stop-boutique and can’t imagine anything that we can’t achieve together with you in the field of Business Aviation.

We are looking forward to the personal contact with you …

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