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Why to use a private jet?

For most of our loyal blog readers the obvious advantages  of this kind of travel such as safety, discretion and time saving are known facts, but as so often in life there are those things not recognized at first sight, so-called “soft facts” (contrary to the unspeakable “fake news” ;-)). Just come along with me for my trip on a private jet:

I arrive at the dedicated Business Aviation terminal, get a very friendly welcome, hand over my car keys and walk to the custom and security control. During this time my luggage is unloaded and passes screening together with me. You notice the fine differences compared to an airline terminal? Even if I arrive with public transport the same procedure applies.

Right after the security check one of the pilots is waiting for me and greets me per hand shake. I observe my entire luggage being carefully loaded and we enter the aircraft. Hatch, apologies, door closed.

Absolutely clear that the charming lady responsible for the inflight service cordially greets me by name, even smiles at me and shows that she enjoys her job. She asks where I want to sit – voilá!

Most of the time the start-up clearance is already granted – off we go!

First I get a drink and something to nibble. All of this I enjoy in my admittedly very comfortable seat –without having the backrest of the seat in front of me in my face, without the elbow of my neighbor in my rips and without the remainder of my predecessor’s catering crumbling out of the tattered inflight magazine into my lap. Did I mention already that in these magazines the crosswords and Sudokus already have been more or less all solved – but not by me?

Inflight I am I. Sounds weird, but it’s exactly how it is. The crew’s accommodating my needs; it’s not me who has to adjust to their preferences or even having to follow their orders.

It’s “my” aircraft, because it flies exactly to where I need to be to and because it takes off exactly when my agenda calls for it. Furthermore I really prefer sleeping in a lie flat position rather than having to sit upright and I like to eat when I’m hungry and not when the service crew decides now’s the time to do so. My catering wishes have been communicated to the crew before the flight so the eternal question “chicken or pasta” won’t annoy me. Second helping? No problem.

On an airline flight don’t mind the guy next to you with his elbow rhythmically massing your rips while eating and woe if you got the middle seat! Then the fun really starts with all catering being served in genuine plastic, pressed in preformed compartments, covered by a darn hot aluminum foil, however the food unfortunately only lukewarm, the plastic cutlery wrapped in a foil which withstands all attempts to open it, salt and pepper in minimal quantity – but your neighbor nevertheless will shower you with it while opening – and all drinks in paper cups, regardless if hot or cold.

Have you ever tried boarding an airliner in casual clothes and then changing into a business suit before arriving at your destination? You’ll need an above average agility and being in excellent shape doing so in one of the bathrooms – if you’re even allowed to carry on a piece of hand luggage the size of your suit. Doing the same thing in a private jet is a breeze.

Last but not least: I know all other passengers on board personally and don’t have to worry that my flight is disturbed by all kinds of strange behavior of some complete strangers.

Arrival at the destination? Same same as when starting the journey – just the other way round!

Because of all of that – and a lot more – I’m using private jets. And you …?

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