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Your Compliance Department will be happy

Like in any other marketspace worldwide also in Business Aviation there’s a wide range of competitors whose offerings are diverse in regards to pricing and availability as well as service and product quality.

How to keep the overview and make sure that the operator of your private jet or of the charter plane that has been booked for the CEO and his board members is a serious, reliable and safe one?

Well, a first important criterion is the existence of a valid AOC (Air Operator Certificate) issued by a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Only aircraft operators holding such an AOC are entitled to offer commercial flights to the public. So we strongly recommend convincing yourself that the operator of your choice can show you its AOC. If this document cannot be produce you risk becoming a victim of so-called “grey charter” which means renting an aircraft and a crew likely not living up to the legal standards towards training and equipment that commercial operators have to comply with. Last but not least there’s as well the risk that insurance coverage will be denied because of the illegal (e.g. grey charter) use of the aircraft.

Companies with a focus on quality and safety striving for maximum customer satisfaction have the possibility to undergo audits done by private experts in addition to the regulatory requirements and checks as imposed by the Authorities. These non-governmental audit companies are not limiting their reviews on the minimum legal requirements but have developed broader standards towards processes and organizational structures.

Years ago already Premium jet has decided to go down that route and has – after intense preparation work and a thorough on-site audit – received the ARGUS Platinum rating being the highest level granted by the renowned and worldwide recognized ARGUS rating agency.

The validity of the Platinum rating expires every 2 years. That’s why a few weeks ago we welcomed 2 ARGUS auditors at our premises and it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Premium Jet has successfully passed the audit and is thus entitled to hold the Platinum rating for another 2 years.

A Swiss AOC and an ARGUS Platinum rating are the best proves for reliability, safety and quality. Accordingly, if you entrust Premium Jet with the operation of your private jet or book your next charter flights with us, then not only you and your passengers will be happy but also your Compliance department.

We do everything so you can feel safe onboard our aircraft and would be delighted to convince you about is and our services – you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by sending an e-mail to or by calling +41 44 307 50 70.

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