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Zurich Airport: An ideal starting point for traveling with a private jet

Zurich International Airport (also known as Kloten Airport) is the largest airport in Switzerland. With a total of 2 terminals for private travelers it is also one of the main airports for private aviation in Switzerland.

Eleven times in a row Zurich Airport won the World Travel Award in the category “Europe’s leading airport”. Zurich Airport is annually ranked among the 10 best airports in the world by Skytrax Award.

History of the airport

Since 1909 civilian and military flight operations were developed in the Zurich area – namely on the Dübendorf airfield.

In the 1940s a larger airport for international flights was planned and today’s location for Zurich Airport was selected. After 8 years of construction it was opened in 1953 with a 3-day air show. In the following years the airport was steadily expanded and modernized – including the runway enhancements and improvements of the connections to the Zurich’s city center.

Today each year about 26 million passengers are handled and a total of 174 destinations in 65 countries are connected by Swiss and many other airlines.

Coming to Zurich with a private jet

Zurich Airport offers ideal conditions for privacy and comfort for those traveling on private jets.

Since the airport is located around 13 km north of the city of Zurich and is well connected to the A51 travelers reach their private jets quickly and conveniently by limousine, taxi or car. In addition, the airport has its own railway station with trains departing to Zurich Main Station or to the opposite direction heading to the north and east of Switzerland every few minutes.

Even as a stopover Zurich is ideal. Within about 20 minutes you reach the Bahnhofstrasse with flagship stores, of, among others, Cartier, Piaget, IWC and Montblanc, traditional stores like Beyer, the famous 7th  generation family-owned store for watches and jewelry or Sprüngli, the world famous chocolatier, famous fashion shops as well as branches of the world’s largest banks.

Charter providers and operators highly focus on discretion. For a long time the tour buses to the airport stopped right in front of the business aviation area to allow tourists to take a look at the private jets – a huge challenge for charter providers and operators trying to protect their clients’ privacy. 2 years ago the airport finally decided that the tour buses widely circumnavigate the area with private jets, a considerable increase of the privacy and the desired discretion.

Changing between private and scheduled flights

If you opt for a scheduled flight to Zurich – maybe because the first class is similarly comfortable – at Zurich Airport you can quickly and discreetly head over for the onward flight with your private jet. The charter provider will take care that you are driven comfortably and smoothly to your private jet – no lost time and no additional effort required from you.

With a runway length of 12,000 feet or 3,700 meters Zurich Airport qualifies for aircraft from small Very Light Jets to the far larger Ultra Long Range Jets and even the biggest airliner in the world, such as the A380.

Important information at a glance

Key Facts



Coordinates: 47° 27‘ 30‘‘ N, 8° 32‘ 53‘‘ O

Altitude: 432 Meter


10/28: 2500m x 60 m concrete

14/32: 3300m x 60m concrete/asphalt

16/34: 3700m x 60m concrete

Do you have questions about the airport or do you want to book a charter flight from / to Zurich? Contact us. We are happy to help.

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