Frequent Flyers

Under a so-called "charter framework agreement" Premium Jet provides specially tailored packages for regular users. Depending on the anticipated annual utilization the charter rates will be divided into packages and reduced with every unit, hence the charter customer benefits from ever-cheaper rates throughout the year.

Should the contracted aircraft not be available for a certain flight, Premium Jet will endeavour to provide a suitable replacement aircraft through interaction with a local strategic partner. Although the cost of the replacement aircraft will fall outside of the agreement pricing structure, the flown hours will count against the charter rate pricing range.

An appropriate advance payment (based on your travel needs and how frequently you fly) will be held by Premium Jet and will save our regular users time and hassle in booking an aircraft.

As a matter of course, any balance at the end of the contract period will immediately be restituted to the charter customer. 

For more information about our favourable charter framework agreements please send us an E-mailcall +41 44 307 50 80 or contact us via WhatsApp +41 76 601 25 01.