Aircraft Completion & Acceptance

It has been proven that the use of a independent company to professionally attend to the aircraft during completion process is of fundamental importance and in the long run will prove to be a sound financial decision.

Premium Jet has an experienced completion management team in-house, with an extensive technical background and experience. Our attention to detail will save you both time and money while ensuring the highest professional standards.

«Because you can't be there»


Management of an aircraft completion project carries a high level of responsibility and demands strict supervision of the completion process with respect to safety, legal liability, maintainability, reliability, efficiency and attention to detail.

Premium Jet as your representative liaises with the manufacturer, ensuring full compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements. Our time on-site is usually from 20 days (light jets) to 50 days (heavy jets) and encompasses green aircraft delivery, aircraft completion and final aircraft acceptance, with a view to guaranting the highest quality and compliance by the manufacturer with your aircraft purchase agreement.


If Premium Jet is to conduct the final acceptance once the aircraft is reported ready for delivery, we will make sure that the aircraft is built exactly to the agreed specifications and fulfils all legal requirements.

Premium Jet will make sure that any discrepancies identified during the extensive checks are either rectified prior to delivery or, where feasible, flagged in our final report as a so-called IoU (I owe you). Such remaining issues will be rectified by the outfitting company and/or the manufacturer during forthcoming scheduled maintenance events at no cost to the customer.