Aircraft Management

Entrusting us with the responsibility for the commercial or private operation of your aircraft, Premium Jet will ensure the requisite technical and operational services, including but not limited to dispatch, flight crew supervision, maintenance oversight and planning, insurance and fuel management, administration, accounting and charter sales.

Premium Jet manages your private aircraft commercially either on a Swiss or an EU-AOC (Air Operator Certificate) or privately regardless of the registration country.

Our personalised packages range from complete asset management arrangements to specific services as if we were your own in-house aviation department with you benefiting from lower costs and increased convenience, irrespective of aircraft registration and base location.

Your wish is our command ...

This also applies to the construction of your management fee model: you decide whether you prefer the classical, well-known model with a fixed monthly fee or the model "Management by the hour", which is exclusively available at Premium Jet AG, where the fee is calculated based on the hours actually flown. If you don't fly, you don't pay - just as simple and straightforward as you know it from the maintenance programs for your business jet. Or do you have another model in mind? We would also be pleased to offer you a tailor-made, cost-efficient and individual solution.

An introduction of our service team, the scope of available services and types of operation are found under «Further Information».