Type of Operation

Premium Jet offers both commercial and private aircraft management solutions.

Commercial Operation (Switzerland or EU)

To legally conduct revenue/charter flights and to fulfil the stringent set of operational and technical requirements, your aircraft must be registered on an AOC (Air Operator Certificate).
Subject to your preferences and/or based on the ownership structure and its set-up, we can register the aircraft on our Swiss AOC (Tail number HB-XXX) or on a European AOC.

Either way, Premium Jet will maintain full operational control over your aircraft and will be your single point of contact.

Customers entrusting us with the responsibility of chartering out their aircraft will initially be provided with a detailed market analysis including information about the current market and competitive situation, pricing (vs. operational costs), outlook on market developments and valuable recommendations and advice, so that the aircraft will quickly achieve a foremost market position. 

Private Operation

Privately registered and operated aircraft face fewer restrictions in comparison with commercially operated aircraft, allowing for more flexible operations. Aircraft registration can generally be anywhere (at owner's discretion) but for operational and other reasons, we currently recommend the Isle of Man (Tail number M-XXXX) or the Bermuda (Tail number VP-BXX) registry.

Varying arrangements are possible for privately operated aircraft, ranging from partial outsourcing of specific services to Premium Jet (the owner remains the registered operator) to a full management arrangement with Premium Jet being the legal operator. Your wish is our command!