VAT and Import

Beyond the legal, operational and technical requirements which need to be fulfilled, one of the highest obstacles in our business are the VAT and tax regimes that are becoming more and more complicated all over Europe:

European Union (EU)

Owners and operators of aircraft flying into and inside the European Union need to legally import the aircraft into the EU and settle EU VAT and duty. Ignoring this procedure could be a very expensive mistake. Irrespective of the aircraft registration Premium Jet can, in cooperation with approved experts, suggest solutions to reduce or even avoid the EU VAT and duty.


Should Swiss import and/or VAT at all apply (valid mainly for Swiss registered aircraft and depending on a multitude of factors), the - compared to our European neighbours very low Swiss tax rate - may be reduced or even avoided requiring a so-called "VAT ruling".

It should be clearly understood that pertinent VAT and tax experts must be involved to structure the necessary arrangements correctly from the beginning. The extra effort required to optimize or even avoid import VAT and duty will be definitely worth it!