Your Service Team

The following persons are assigned to you and your aircraft and will make sure that your flight experiences exceed your expectations, each and every time ...

Key Account Manager

The key account manager is one of the company shareholders. He is aware of contractual details, is a decision maker on company level and leads your service team.

Lead Pilot

The lead pilot is crucial for a successful operation and is with your approval selected for both his pilot skills and managerial capabilities. He leads your crew, has specific operational responsibilities and cooperates closely with all the supporting departments within Premium Jet.

Operation Supervisor

The operation supervisor and his team are your 24/7 single point of contact for bookings and travel matters. They know your requirements before, during and after your flights and ensure a safe, smooth and cost-effective flight experience.

Airworthiness Manager

The airworthiness manager and his team are responsible for all aircraft maintenance matters which includes relation to the various providers and the aviation authorities, negotiation of competitive pricing, cost and invoice control and answering all of your maintenance related inquiries.

Financial Controller

The financial controller is in close contact with you regarding the monthly statements, related invoices and any financial matters.