Consulting Services

We are highly experienced professionals with a wide range of knowledge in the fields of business aviation. Whatever you may need to know, analyze, monitor or verify and regardless of whether your aircraft is managed by us or you need just our support (once only or continuously), we will share our knowledge with you!

«Our knowledge - your benefit»

There are many other opportunities besides the following examples where you might seek assistance or additional support. Please call and find out how we can help you with our expert knowledge and range of skills.

Charter Market Analysis

You own an aircraft but are dissatisfied with the charter revenue achieved by your operator? We can provide you with a detailed market analysis including information about the current market and competitive situation, pricing (vs. operational costs), outlook on market developments and valuable recommendations and advice, so that the aircraft will quickly achieve a foremost market position.

You'll find a blacked out sample analysis here

Auditing of Accounts

You own an aircraft but have the feeling that the monthly invoices are too high or there's something amiss with them? You can assign us to screen a single invoice, a whole monthly package or to keep a close eye on your aircraft operation in general.

Aircraft Insurance

Insurance of a business jet or dealing with insurers in case of a claim is always complex. Talk to us if you seek professional advice and assistance, it will help you save money and time.