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Aircraft Management

"Your aircraft is in good hands with us"

Premium Jet as experienced aircraft operator can provide you with all or only a selection of the following services:


/ Dispatch

Our year-round 24/7 in-house operations and flight planning department is staffed with multilingual, experienced and well-connected flight dispatchers who carefully manage your flights, from  the time of booking with your operation supervisor, until arrival at your destination.


/ Maintenance Overview  "CAMO"

From February 1, 2023, Premium Jet AG has the possibility to issue a wide range of Airworthiness Review Recommendations for EASA CAT OPS operators. Our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), with its highly qualified and experienced maintenance coordinators, represents your interests by leasing with approved facilities for all maintenance matters, checks and support aspects for your aircraft, providing technical advice and administration for engine and airframe programs and warranties. AOG (aircraft on ground) assistance is available 24/7 to quickly return your aircraft into service, should an unscheduled event require prompt attention.


/ Insurance & Fuel

Premium Jet includes your aircraft on our fleet insurance policy, maintained in association with a business partner, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements, flexibility on the scope of coverage and conditions and the best possible terms and premiums.

Controlling the fuel price, as one of the biggest single costs, is imperative. Premium Jet cooperates with an external fuel adviser who, with more than 20-years of experience and servicing over 500 aircraft, will evaluate the most favourable supplier at each destination.


/ Crew Control

Premium Jet will search, select and employ, with your final approval, suitably licensed, well experienced and dedicated flight crew for your aircraft, ensuring the utmost care of your valuable asset. Crew control also includes coordination for all training, visa and crew scheduling issues.


/ Administration & Accounting

Premium Jet executes stringent cost control. All invoices incurred from the aircraft operation are collected, scrutinised and, where indicated, corrected prior to settlement. Invoices are published on our web based accounting system, providing you with continuous oversight and control as well as maximum transparency.


/ Charter Sales

Customers entrusting us with the responsibility of chartering their aircraft will initially be provided with a detailed market analysis, including information regarding the current market and competitive situation, pricing (vs. operational costs), outlook on market developments and valuable recommendations and advice, so that the aircraft will quickly achieve a foremost market position.

If you own a Business Jet and consider entrusting us with its operation, the first thing to think about are the following questions:

/ Type of Operation

Would you like us to operate your Aircraft commercially, including chartering? Or only for you privately, which allows a more flexible operation?

While, in case of a commercial registration, Premium Jet is legally obliged to exercise full operational control (including dispatch, maintenance overview, crew control, insurance-and fuel-management and administration/accounting) various arrangements are possible in case of privately operated aircraft (from partial outsourcing of certain of the previously mentioned services, to full management).

/ Country of Registration

In which countries can I register my aircraft?

We can register your commercially operated aircraft on our Swiss AOC (Air Operator Certificate) or on our European AOC inn Austria, whereas privately operated aircraft can be registered anywhere in the world, for example in Isle of Man (Reg: M-XXXX) or Bermuda (Reg. VP-BXX). We will be happy to advise you on the advantages of the various possibilities.

And regardless of the registration, Premium Jet in collaboration with qualified experts, can also propose solutions to reduce (or even avoid) taxes and feed. This extra effort is definitely worth it!.

Management Model

Do we offer different Management Solutions?

You can choose between the Classic Management model, that is standard in the industry (for a fixed monthly fee), or our exclusive "Management by the hour" model, where the fee is calculated on the basis of the hours actually flown. If you don't fly, you don't pay - just as simple and straightforward as you know it from the maintenance programs for your business jet

If you have other model in mind, we are always happy to offer you a customised, cost-efficient and individual solution.

Talk to us ... we have the answers. And no matter what setup you choose, with Premium Jet you'll always benefit from lower costs and more convenience.
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