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/ Aircraft Charter

"Chartering a private jet has never been easier"

Premium Jet manages and operates a fleet of privately owned, for charter available business jets with dedicated, experienced high calibre flight and cabin crews. Additionally, we provide worldwide access to a wide range of business aircraft and helicopters.


/ Why Us

Premium Jet's charter department has decades of experience, knowing exactly what they are doing and what to look for.

We have carried thousands of passengers - trouble free over the past years and  are available 24/7, using our wealth of experience to provide a charter solution tailored to your exact needs and taking care of every detail of your charter flight, including limousine transportation, baggage handling and special dietary requirements - discreet, safe, reliable.



/ Ultra Long Range Jets

With lavishly appointed interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, these jets make for a relaxing an enjoyable journey, comfortably seating an average of 14 passengers. With a range of approximately 11,800 km, ultra-long range jets are the optimal choice for long-haul flights.


/ Heavy Jets

Heavy jets envelop 12 passengers or more in high flight comfort and elegance, with superior flight capacity of up to nine hours nonstop and a range of  7,000 km.


/ Super Midsize Jets

The super-mid-size cabin jet class can fly up to seven hours, covering an average of 5,600 km, and offers generous standing and walking room for up to 9 passengers.


/ Midsize Jets

With an average range of 4,400 km (or about five hours of non-stop travel time) mid-size jets can easily handle short and long haul flights, while providing maximum comfort and convenience for up to 9 passengers.


/ Super Light Jets

With a range of 3,200 km, the super-light jets can accomodate up to 8 passengers in guaranteed comfort.


/ Light & Very Light  Jets

Light jets comfortably seat up to 7 passengers, making them very popular with business travellers. Flight distances range up to 2,700 km. i.e. two to three hour flights.

The smallest type of private jets, Very Light Jets (VL.J's), are cost effective solutions for short haul flights (1,800 km) or up to a maximum flight time of three hours. These jets typically seat up to 5 passengers.

Premium Jet is also your right partner for these so-called "subcharter" flights because as your personal travel concierge we know your preferences and needs.



Additionally, as an experienced, independent provider not limited to one geographic region, we know exactly what to look for among the thousands of business jets available on the market (where the cheapest solution is not always the best or the safest one). Furthermore, we identify overpriced offers and use our decades of knowledge and combined buying power to negotiate market-driven prices for you at all times – always with the goal of ensuring a tailor-made travel experience for you and your passengers.

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