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How to find and buy the right private plane

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

You have made the decision to buy your own private plane. But now you are faced with the question of how to find and buy the right aircraft? In this post you will learn what to look for and how to manage to find your dream aircraft. In addition, we want to show you the advantages of a private aircraft.

Why is it worth buying a private plane?

Pre Owned Market

Owning a private plane has numerous advantages. The most important is that you can travel flexibly. Instead of being dependent on scheduled flights, you decide when and where you want to fly.

In addition, many private aircraft are significantly more manoeuvrable than commercial aircraft. For this reason, take-off and landing with private jets is also possible at smaller airports – for example at Swiss regional airports. This circumstance also benefits your route planning.

No matter which airport your private plane takes off from, you won’t have to wait long for it. Because the check-in is eliminated as well as the waiting for the boarding. Instead, you simply board your plane just before takeoff. This saves you a lot of time.

The same applies to the landing. If you were travelling on a scheduled flight and have checked in baggage, you will have to wait for it at the baggage carousel. If, on the other hand, you get off your private plane, you will have your luggage with you.

Undisturbed and well cared for on board


A big advantage of buying a private plane is the privacy on board. You don’t share the plane with hundreds of other passengers, who can be loud and reckless at times. Instead, you can use the tranquility of your private plane to relax or be productive.

Depending on how many passengers your private plane is designed for, you can take a few people with you. Whether family, friends or business partners: You decide who travels with you.

For example, fly on holiday with your partner and children without being stressed by the flight. Or hold final meetings with your fellow passengers on board on the way to professional appointments. In your private plane, no one bothers you.

You are also not dependent on the food on board. The food served on scheduled flights is not necessarily known as a delicacy. In addition, if you do not tolerate or like certain foods, you have a hard time getting enough on board a commercial aircraft. In your private plane, on the other hand, you decide for yourself what you want to eat.

And if the flight lasts longer, then sleep in a real bed on board your own plane. The prerequisite for this is that it has a night configuration. So you don’t have to sleep sitting down and possibly wake up with pain in your neck and back. Instead, you come to rest in bed and use the flight time sensibly.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy a private plane?

What do I have to consider if I want to buy a private plane?

There are numerous companies that build airplanes, and all the more aircraft models. Choosing a private aircraft that meets exactly your own requirements is therefore anything but easy. Therefore, you should think in detail in advance about what you expect from your aircraft.

Maybe you have a preferred manufacturer from which the aircraft should originate. Or you have heard from acquaintances that a certain model fits your ideas perfectly. Of course, the answers to questions such as …

  1. How many passengers do you usually take on flights?

  2. Is there a regular route that you fly regularly and how long is it?

  3. Do you value a night configuration and how many beds should it include?

  4. Should there be internet, a satellite phone or other amenities on board?

… are influencing the selection as well. The more precisely you outline your ideas, the easier it is to buy the right private aircraft.

Compare the different types of aircraft

Before committing to a specific type of aircraft, you should define your requirements and needs. Depending on which destinations you fly to, how many passengers you usually fly with and which special amenities are important to you, different types come into question.

Once you have defined the requirements, you can compare the different types of aircraft. Every aircraft – whether (Very) Light, Midsize or Ultra Long Range Jet – has its own specific characteristics.

Very light jets, for example, are small and manoeuvrable, which allows them to fly to smaller airports. In addition, they are efficient and economically sensible.

In Heavy Jets you have more space and comfort, are served by flight attendants and can rest in proper beds. But a heavy jet is no longer quite as flexible and can not fly to all airports.

Once you have defined the advantages and disadvantages that are important to you, you can answer the question of which type of private aircraft suits you.

Compare the different manufacturers and models

After you have decided on an aircraft type, you can find out about manufacturers of private aircraft . Each producer represents certain values with his models and therefore sets the focus a little differently.

If you have decided on an aircraft type and the manufacturer, look for suitable models. Within the aircraft classes, there are various types that meet specific requirements and needs.

Be sure to look at the details to find the perfect model for you.

If you want to use your investment budget efficiently, you can also look for second-hand private aircraft. Contact with a jet operator often helps here, as they have a good overview of the market and can give you professional advice.

Supportive advice helps

If you want to make life easier for yourself and the search for the right private plane, you should take a consultant to your side right from the start. He knows the different types and models and helps you with his wealth of experience.

Because similar to a car, the true performance and comfort only becomes apparent when you use it regularly and have become acquainted with the many small details and advantages.

If you would like to know more about what purchase options there are and what else you should pay attention to when buying a private plane, download our e-book.

Who can help me buy a private plane?

Buying a private plane involves not only a significant investment, but also a lot of bureaucratic steps. And last but not least, you want to make sure that the aircraft is technically flawless. All these aspects are difficult to handle alone – especially if you do not have a pronounced specialist knowledge.

We at Premium Jet AG have been active in the field of business aviation for years. Even before the company was founded, the managing directors gained extensive experience in the industry. That’s why our team knows exactly what is important when it comes to buying a private plane.

We are happy to be at your side throughout the entire purchase process. This starts with the analysis of your demands on your future aircraft. At the same time, we evaluate the market and check which models for sale could be suitable for you. Furthermore, we offer you the following services:

  1. Comparison of the aircraft you shortlist for a purchase

  2. Thorough examination of the aircraft

  3. Price negotiation

  4. Technical acceptance

  5. Registration of the aircraft

  6. Introduction to the operation

Since we know the market situation and development very well, we can assess supply and demand very well. This benefits you, as it allows us to negotiate the most favorable purchase price for you. We also know the official channels that are necessary after the purchase of an aircraft.

Further services of Premium Jet AG

Roman Aerne

In addition to helping with the purchase of a private aircraft, we also help our customers in other ways. For example, do you own an airplane that you want to sell? Then you can also rely on our comprehensive expertise. Throughout the process, we represent your interests and ensure that you achieve the best possible selling price.

You don’t want to buy a private plane, but still want to enjoy its advantages? Then a charter is an option for you. We operate our own fleet of four types of aircraft that are available for charter. They offer space for a different number of passengers and have practical equipment. For example, a night configuration is also possible for all our aircraft.

However, the aircraft from our fleet may not fit the trip you have planned. For example, you have special requirements for the number of passengers or the route. Then you are welcome to use our charter brokerage agency . With us you will find the offer that best matches your request.

If you fly more frequently, we will be happy to conclude a charter framework agreement with you. As a frequent flyer, you pay lower prices per flight over the year.

How to reach us

Can we help you buy your private plane? Do you want to charter a private jet through us or are you interested in another service from us? Please feel free to contact us and we will inform you in detail about our services. We can be reached by phone and e-mail.

You are also cordially invited to pay us a visit to our offices at Zurich Airport. This allows us to discuss your request personally.

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