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Rent a private plane: Pros and cons

There is hardly a more comfortable way to complete a trip than by private jet. If you don’t own an airplane, you can rent a private plane. Compared to buying one, this option is significantly less expensive. We at Premium Jet AG are happy to assist you in renting a private aircraft.

What makes traveling in a private plane so appealing?

Traveling in a private aircraft has a number of advantages. In the following, we will address the most important advantages that this means of transportation brings with it.

Flexible travel planning

Anyone traveling on a scheduled aircraft is dependent on the airline’s specifications. This applies to both the travel time and the route. If one has an appointment at the destination, then traveling by scheduled flight can cause considerable inconvenience.

For example, the flight leaves early in the morning, so you have to be at the airport very early. Or the flight leaves so late that you have to book an overnight stay at the destination. It may also be that the airport where the scheduled flight ends is not in the city where the appointment takes place. In this case, it is necessary to travel further.

If, on the other hand, you travel by private plane, then you can set the time and route yourself. In this way, one ensures that there is no waiting time before the appointment and that one lands as close as possible to the destination.

As far as determining the flight route is concerned, the rather small size of the private plane is another advantage. Scheduled airplanes, due to their dimensions, can often only take off and land at larger airports. With a private plane, on the other hand, flights from or to smaller airports are also possible. This saves a time-consuming onward journey by another means of transport.

No waiting times

Before a scheduled flight, the first thing to do is to check in and go through security. You may also have to check in your luggage. Then you wait at the gate for boarding. All this costs valuable time, which can be used more effectively elsewhere.

When traveling by private plane, these procedures are eliminated. Instead, you simply board the plane with your luggage and start your journey. At the destination, again, there is no need to wait at the baggage carousel.

Peace and productivity on board

It is not uncommon for an airliner to carry several hundred passengers. It is correspondingly noisy on board. In addition, the space is often cramped. Taller people in particular cannot stretch out their legs, and it is not uncommon for disputes to arise over the middle armrest.

This cannot happen on a private aircraft. There is enough space on board for the few passengers, who thus enjoy full arm and legroom. In addition, since only selected people are on the flight, it is not noisy on the plane. The quiet can be used for productive conversations or work activities, such as preparing for an upcoming meeting.

On a longer flight, sleeping in a bed is possible thanks to the night configuration available on most private aircraft. This means you don’t have to sleep sitting up and arrive rested at your destination.

Tailored treatment

One of the advantages of a private aircraft is that you can arrange the catering on board according to your own preferences. So you don’t have to follow the airline’s offer, but you can choose the food and drinks you prefer.

Moreover, you don’t have to wait long to receive them. This is because the on-board staff focuses their full attention on the few passengers who are on the private plane.

What are the advantages of renting a private plane?

One important difference between renting and buying a private plane is the cost factor. In general, renting involves much lower expenses than buying. In addition to the non-existent acquisition costs, this also applies to the ongoing fixed costs. The following expenses, among others, are incurred by the owners of a private jet:

  1. Crew-Salaries and -Training

  2. Service and Maintenance

  3. Insurance

  4. Parking costs

However, of course, chartering a private aircraft also incurs various costs, such as:

  1. Fuel

  2. Airway fees

  3. Airport fees for takeoff and landing

  4. Handling fees

  5. Catering costs

However, the bottom line is that these expenses are significantly lower than those for buying and operating your own aircraft.

Speaking of operation, you don’t have to worry about that as a passenger when you rent a private aircraft. You can simply use it …

What are the disadvantages of renting a private aircraft?

There are, of course, also points that speak against renting a private aircraft, but buying one instead. For example, buying can be more financially rewarding if you fly frequently. After all, over time, the charter costs add up to a sum that might have been enough for an aircraft purchase – and from then on, with each additional rental, you pay on top.

In addition, it can happen that the desired aircraft type is not available at the time of a planned rental. Then you have to compromise on either the travel time or the type of aircraft. If you own a private aircraft, on the other hand, you can use it whenever you want.

Premium Jet AG: A wide range of business aviation services

As a business aviation boutique, we offer numerous services related to renting, buying and operating private aircraft. We have for example our own fleet of different private jets. These can be chartered according to your needs.

If, for various reasons, our aircraft do not meet your expectations, we will also be happy to arrange a subcharter. This is interesting, for example, if you want to take a larger number of passengers on board or are planning a longer trip. Requests can easily be made online.

Just enter your starting point and destination, as well as the date, time and number of passengers, and the options will be displayed.

Even if you are planning to buy an aircraft, we will be happy to help you. In the course of an analysis, we first determine your wishes and ideas. On this basis, we search the market and find aircraft that are suitable for purchase. We then carry out a thorough examination of these aircraft and compare the offers.

We are also happy to conduct price negotiations on your behalf. Thanks to our experience and our comprehensive expertise, we can estimate the value of an aircraft very well. Once the purchase is in the bag, we also take care of the other steps for you. These include, above all, technical acceptance, registration and introduction to operations.

Our services also include the management of private aircraft. It is entirely up to you whether you take advantage of all services or only an individual part of them.

And at the end of its lifetime – when you want to resell your private aircraft – you can also rely on our support. We determine the current demand and the possible selling price. And then we will help you to achieve it.

Contact us

Our company employs a manageable number of people. For you this has the great advantage that you have a fixed contact person when you engage us. This person knows exactly what your ideas are and is passionate about making sure that they are fulfilled.

Contact us for detailed information about our services.

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